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MERN Stack Development services by Bottom Funnel will give you the edge in every aspect of web development. We are a team of experts with vast experience and expertise, and we understand the needs of businesses. With us, you can be sure that your website is built on a solid framework for future growth.

What is MERN Stack ?

MERN stack is the latest-and-greatest (kind of) development model, and it's gaining steam as more and more developers turn to it for its advantages over other models. One such advantage is its ability to do away with things like database management and server backend calls, which makes web application development faster and easier. The main idea behind MERN is that we can entirely depend on the JavaScript runtime environment for our app implementation.



Mongodb is an open source NoSQL database that can store and retrieve large amounts of data in real time. It is fast and scalable, so your project will run smoothly even with a huge number of users.



ExpressJS is a popular Framework used by developers to build single or multiple page web and mobile apps easily. You can also access the API of your product within few clicks with this framework.



React is a popular JavaScript library which is based on react components. you hear about when you hear about web development. Like all things, there are advantages and disadvantages to using it, and it's been used on a wide range of websites.



Node.js is a server-side JavaScript framework that has gained popularity in recent times. It offers high scalability and is extremely lightweight. Node applications are known for their speed, and this is because of their ability to run on multiple servers, at the same time.

Popular Services Of MERN

MERN Stack ERP Developemnt

MERN Stack Integration

API Developemnt

E-commerce Developemnt

Bottom funnel is here to help you automate ERP and BPM processes. With our software, you can manage all your business' processes in real-time. Collect, store, and interpret information from various business activities in an automated manner. Sending invoices? Tracking inventory? Managing customer relationships? Sorting marketing emails? Reaping the benefits of a modernized system is easier than you think! Bottom funnel has everything you need to make your business run more efficiently.

We are a company which specializes in the development of MERN stack applications. We have extensive experience in this area and can work with you to create the perfect software solution for your business needs. If you're looking for a top-tier MERN stack development company that can build scalable, robust and secure back-end web application and API, then look no further than bottom funnel.

Why Consider Bottom Funnel For Mern


We are a software development company that focuses on agile development. We understand the importance of being nimble and flexible so that you can adapt to changing circumstances. We have the experience and agility to help you build a sustainable, scalable solution that will enable you to thrive in today's fast-moving market.

Experienced and Talented Team

With a talented team of developers and analysts, they are capable of handling any task that you throw at them. Whether you require an app for your startup or just want to build a website.They understand the importance of communication with your client so that both parties understand what needs to be done and why it's important for your business to stay afloat online.

Integrity and Transparency

Our company is a full-stack development company with expertise in MERN stack. We are a team of Developers and Architects that believe that integrity and transparency can be achieved through open-source software, teamwork, learning and collaboration.

Flexible Engagement

We are a development company that is leading the way in providing an innovative, flexible engagement. They'd rather be engaged with you to create requirements instead of meeting per requirement. Bottom Funnel prides themselves on being affordable, flexible and accountable for their assets.

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Their prices are unbeatable, and the quality is outstanding. I've recommended this company to all my Business colleagues, and wish you all had the same great experience as me.

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